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We Help You Succeed.

Guiding Principles

  • We celebrate success as defined by the individual aspirations of each member.
  • We create enduring relationships that extend beyond functional membership.
  • We offer leadership opportunities that cultivate individual skills and build us as one strong team.
  • We offer a variety of events for members to purposefully engage with the community.



How We Help You Succeed.

Connecting GTA equips budding entrepreneurs and business owners to be more connected, more empowered and more successful by providing:

A Powerful Business Referral Network

Weekly events give you the opportunity to make one-to-one connections that lead to referrals, solutions, strategic business insights and enduring friendship.

Regular Meet-Ups

Enrol for our  next Networking Lunch, After Hours Get Together or Business Education Workshop.

Insightful Business Education

Outstanding keynote and seminar speakers provide practical strategies for building your business.

Personal and Online Connectivity and Visibility

Online membership access, latest event postings, and other opportunities allow you to showcase your business.

Leadership and Advisory Board

Our experienced leadership supported by a globe-impacting advisory board with the skills set and passion to build a successful community by building a strong entrepreneurial community.

The Inner Circle - Strategic Business Accountability Groups

Strategic Business Accountability Groups (BAG) ensure accountability to one's own growth,   provide invaluable insights from peers on critical issues and help hone leadership skills.

Recognizing Successful Entrepreneurs

The Annual Connecting GTA Business Owner of the Year Award recognizes and honours GTA entrepreneurs who have made outstanding contributions through their leadership in business.

Thank you,
Connecting GTA Networking Club

Network With Professionals

Your memberships allows you to attend all our meetings throughout the year. Networking helps you develop the skills and strategies to embrace the reality of leadership.

Gain Business Leads

Networking is all about building life long relationships and creating credibility in the brand of you! By being part of Connecting GTA, you will definitely gain new leads.

Increase Client Base

If you are someone who is always looking to learn more, meet new people and build your business, you have come to the right website. Our goal is to grow our businesses together!



The yearly membership fee is $220.00 plus HST. Your fee gives you access to all our meetings through out the year. Fee based events will be informed to all the members.
We have a team who maintain our website. Therefore please send an us an email to info@connectinggta.com and we will update your information when required.


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The purpose of this exclusive club is to provide members with opportunities to showcase and promote their businesses to other members in addition to networking.

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