190 Harwood Ave South #22, Ajax Ontario L1S 2H6

Suresh Kumar

President & CEO
Kashden Consulting Group

Address: 676 Monarch Avenue, #10 Ajax Ontario L1S 4S2

Tel: +1 416 333 2004 Fax: +1 416 333 8900

Web: www.kashden.ca

Kashden Consulting Group is a leading firm specializing in results-driven solutions to the challenges business leaders face every day. We collect relevant data to understand and analyze the problems, enable changes and deliver solutions to see enduring desired results. The firm is led by experienced and successful business leader who has developed his business from ground up and can relate to the ups and downs of running a business.

We are decisive, action-oriented and results focused professional with over 15 years of experience as entrepreneurs wearing many hats. We work with startup businesses, already established businesses, both successful and troubled and individuals who simply wanted to explore the possibility of starting a business. We have been assisting businesses since 2001 including politicians from all levels and stripes, retailers, manufacturers, distributors, service providers, franchisees and home-based enterprises.

Marketing Solutions: Branding, Social Media, Networking Events and E-mail marketing.80%

Technology Solutions: Network Engineering, Software Development, Websites, VoIP Systems, and Technical Support80%

Initiation, Plan & Preparation, Execution, Monitor, Control, Complete and Launch 80%

Change Management, Improvement Strategies, Customer Experience and Management.80%

Suresh demonstrated a high level of competency and skill in producing results that were of high quality, and demonstrated expertise like I've never seen before. Suresh is a hard working, intelligent and highly skilled individual. Any employer should be grateful to have him on his staff. Suresh makes an ideal employee for any organization.

Donald Blair


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