190 Harwood Ave South, Ajax Ontario L1S 2H6

Prem Eswara

Freedom’83 Clothing Co

Address: Toronto

Tel: +1 416 877 2607

web: www.freedom83clothing.com

Freedom-83 Clothing is a lifestyle brand, focusing on clothing inspired by the Northern province of Sri Lanka. Like many other families from the North, our parents had been faced with the plight to flee Sri Lanka in the midst of the civil war in 1983. The name “Freedom-83” is derived from when we had to leave our home land, in search of Freedom since 1983.

The brand interests lie within many different aspects. This wide variety ranges from Tamil culture, music, art and fashion, while trying to shape Freedom-83 into a lifestyle brand. Our brand wishes to stand out with something memorable.

We have high quality products, all of them customer-oriented. Each apparel has an interesting statement, so now your personality traits will be reflected and emphasized. Know who you are and dare to wear it. Let the world see your fashion statement and self expression through Freedom 83.

If you appreciate one of a kind outfits, come and visit us. You will definitely find something, as we cater to all different types of personality traits. Our apparel may also be amazing gifts. Show your friends how well you know them and create something that reflects them. We believe that simplicity is the ultimate elegance, so in simple words we express the most complicated feelings. Imagine wearing something that reflects upon who you are, and most importantly what you stand for. Habitually people forget what their true values are, so it’s iconic to find them written on clothes.


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