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I am a LinkedIn Optimization Coach. I train companies to do more targeted prospecting on LinkedIn. My services include: - Optimization of LinkedIn Profiles for Job Search. - Companies to make their LinkedIn pages more effective. - Consulting on LinkedIn Branding. - Executive Coaching on effective use of LinkedIn. - Online Courses. My 90 Second Videos on LinkedIn tips are regularly posted on my profile. I also organize FREE webinars for my LinkedIn Family, so stay tuned. Special services for newcomers on job search strategy and the use of LinkedIn. EduTech Co-Founder - International Development Consultant - A Disruptor - Author and Public Speaker - Worked in Asia, South Asia and Middle East - Since 1990, the University of Life taught me things that are not found in world’s top university curriculum. I adapted the idea of learning new things and implementing those learning to raise my bar to allow me add more steam for growth. I enjoyed every challenge in life and learnt from those wonderful experiences. I believe that traveling and meeting new people, seeing the unseen, raising bar to meet new challenges in life and profession. I share my learning in by blog careerguru.co. My belief is to keep experimenting. More experiments spur more learning, and more failures allow room to become more successful! Working at UK Trade and Investment from 1990 to 2006 helped me learn the art of bridging communication gap between policy and private sector. An interesting change in my career was my joining Center for International Private Enterprise (CIPE), a non-profit affiliate of US Chamber of Commerce. CIPE’s experience has been the most fascinating. I traveled in the whole of South Asia, The Philippines, Cambodia, Turkey, Papua New Guinea, Azerbaijan, Romania, US and Canada to develop or implement project or to do new business development work or to experience new things! Exposure to a great course on non-profit management at US Chamber of Commerce’s Institute of Organization Management provided an excellent boost to my knowledge on non-profit work. I developed and delivered several training programs for Chambers of Commerce (including Women Chambers). My career took me to places, given exposure to cultures and diversified business environment. Not many get that opportunities. I published two books and third on titled “Putting Your LinkedIn to Work” is in progress.


Over 90% LinkedIn Profiles fail to meet the basic optimization criteria. LinkedIn Profile Writer can help building LinkedIn Profile to target your job search objectives.

As a professional LinkedIn Profile Writer, I offer service excellence beyond market norms. I provide personalized service to every client by working diligently on their LinkedIn profile branding, identifying valuable keywords for LinkedIn profile SEO and one-2-one coaching on effective use of LinkedIn profile.

85% recruiters use LinkedIn as their primary tool for searching potential candidates. Hire a LinkedIn Profile Writer if:

Your profile does not get views

Your profile does not attract recruiters

Your profile is not being searched

You do not get connection requests

Your invite to connect is not accepted

LinkedIn offers opportunities for optimized profiles, rest is irrelevant!

I offer LinkedIn profile writing service to optimize LinkedIn features effectively. Incomplete, and poorly written LinkedIn profiles do not get noticed by recruiters. Invest in your LinkedIn Profile writing to target your next career move.

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