190 Harwood Ave South #22, Ajax Ontario L1S 2H6

Ashmeed Khan

Minuteman Press (Ajax)

Address: 1730 McPherson Ct, Pickering Ontario L1W 3E6

Tel: +1 905 426 4677

Web: www.pickering10.minutemanpress.ca

As a small business owner, you are inseparable from the environment that you run your business in. The people whom you serve and the product or service that you sell are inextricable from one another, and the sooner that you realize you need to cultivate relationships in order to be successful, the better off you will be.

Your relationships are in fact your most valuable asset, regardless of the type of business that you are running. If you want to set your business up to be healthy in the long term, then you have to start making decisions in terms of long-term ramifications. Think about what your decisions say about your opinions of your customers; think about how your decisions will be interpreted by the people you are doing business with.

There will come a time when you have the opportunity to save a little money by cutting a cost somewhere. Sometimes, it makes sense to cut that cost, perfect sense, and no one loses. Other times, however, you will be throwing someone under the bus and putting your own interests ahead of theirs. In that case, what will your cost-cutting do to your relationship? More often than not, you would be wise to preserve the relationship and forego the savings, as painful as it may seem when you look at your next profit-loss sheet!

At age 23 he singlehandedly built his 1st successful print shop in Guyana. He adventurously decided to move to Canada in 2002, where in 2006 he opened his 1st Minuteman Press franchise store on Harwood Ave in Ajax.

Success followed by acquiring 2 more existing Minuteman Press stores in Oshawa & Kingston within the next 3 yrs. The 3 stores were then amalgamated into 1 large facility, he purchased on McPherson Ct. in Pickering, where all clients are being served by an expertly trained team.


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