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At Wooden Panda, we craft digital marketing campaigns that stand out from the clutter. Our strategies are expertly tailored, our designs pop, and our stories connect, culminating in campaigns you can’t scroll past without noticing. Since 2015, we’ve delivered on this promise time and time again, bringing together the most accomplished creatives, inventive strategists, and passionate storytellers to meet the marketing needs of clients across multiple sectors. Whether we’re rebranding a business or launching a grassroots political movement, we’ll lay out the blueprint for your success, oversee the step-by-step execution, and deliver measurable results.

Inherent to the job of a brand strategy consultant is the ability to give brands a voice. What sets Ajandan (AJ) Sivam is that he's not content to stop there. He doesn't just give brands a voice, he gives them a voice that resonates.

This ability to connect directly to the hearts and minds of people is a skill AJ honed working in the political sector. In the process of conceptualizing and executing creative strategies for key political figures across all levels of government — from mayoral candidates to our current Prime Minister — AJ learned how to divide large constituencies into smaller subsets and then tailor winning campaigns to address their specific concerns directly.

The overlap between AJ's work in the political sphere and his work in the digital marketing space is nearly one-to-one. In his role as a co-founder of Wooden Panda, he is consistently able to pinpoint the identity of brands' prospective consumers, and then craft marketing content that penetrates through the saturated media landscape to reach them directly. Unlike other brand strategists, though, AJ doesn't just stand aside after he's brainstormed these campaigns on a whiteboard. He rolls up his sleeves on the creative side, too, manifesting his visions by taking the reins on filming sets, graphic design, and animation projects.

Further adding to his branding expertise, AJ has branched out into the world of personal brand consulting as well. He regularly works with aspiring and established micro-influencers, offering his wisdom to help them position themselves as thought leaders by creating meaningful content and sparkling brand assets. In other words, he provides thought leadership on thought leadership.

If that sounds at all confusing, it doesn't have to. In one short conversation with AJ, he'll break it down for you perfectly.

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