Hello CGTA members:

Do you have a business headshot that is up to date and one that you are pleased with?

I am a photographer specializing in headshots for business.  Each image is taken with great care to show you at your best.

Below is the image of Ched at VRPlanet.  As you can see my style is for a horizontal portrait, with an emphasis on the eyes, hence cropping at the top.

“I’m very pleased with how you’ve made me look”

A session will typically take between 45 to an hour. As we shoot we will see each image in real time. I will teach you how to pose in front of the camera which is a skill that you will use time and again.

I stand behind my work and will ensure each client’s satisfaction.

Your image will be provided digitally and in whatever aspect ratio you wish.











Hal Sippel
416 706 1996
email halphoto@bell.net